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Ronan the Accuser

Ronan Farrow has done God’s work breaking down the barriers of silence that surrounded the Hollywood elite. The whole endeavor is truly Shakespearian. One need to look no further for Mr. Farrow’s motivation than to his own childhood. I have always found Mr. Farrow to be an interesting fellow. Ronan Farrow told the Hartford Courant that while there is […]

YouTube Pedophile Scandal Brings Up Ghosts of Internet Past

Later, Crimmins moved to Cleveland, and in seeking support groups and fellow-survivors online, he inadvertently discovered that there were chat rooms for pedophiles on AOL—a great many of them, categorized extensively. In those days, the Internet was widely unregulated; when Crimmins tried to alert AOL he found the company to be unresponsive. Then he contacted […]

It’s All of them

It is amusing to me to see that no correlation has been drawn between Kevin Spacey ; Harvey Weinstein; Bill Cosby or any of the Hollywood scumbags who have been raping molesting and coercing young men and women into sex for a century now. This is not a new phenomenon and Hollywood’s most celebrated have always been suspect. Everyone is complict, […]

Tucker: A Man and His Meme

Taking over Bill O’Reilly’s 8 pm time slot, Mr. Carlson has revamped his predecessor’s “No Spin Zone” for the Trump era. Whereas Mr. O’Reilly would attempt to bully his guests into accepting milquetoast establishment opinions, Mr. Carlson actually broaches taboo subjects with refreshing candor. While he has kept his biting “CrossFire” style intact, Mr. Carlson […]