Two things happened

I already broke my promise of posting every day, and I shot myself in the ass on the timeline I proposed in my last post. Either way, I got amazing sleep last night, had a great meal with family today. SO back to #MAGA.

I am 40, so Trump has been a “thing” and a big deal my whole life. I became aware of him around the time of Art of the Deal, so 87. I was 11 or so. Book was huge, kids in my junior high class had copies, everyone read it or said they did. I was a weird kid couldn’t sleep at night, loved Letterman.  Letterman is where I first saw Howard Stern, and where I became aware of New York, and how the city made national celebrities out of local talent. The city was so big and bright and absurd, that if you made it there, you made it anywhere, literally. I always liked Donald Trump, but he was not someone I worshiped or studied. In hindsight I should have paid more attention.

He was the guy That was Mr. 80s, Mr, Wall St. The movie came out same time as Art of the Deal, and to a young kid watching Entertainment Tonight at dinner, it did not matter if he was not on Wall St. really.

Then I got older, watched less TV, but there he was again on TV. Only this time no one wanted his opinion, or wanted to talk about his book. They wanted to say what a heel he was for cheating on his wife with a Hawaiin Tropic model. They build em up, they break em down. They hit him hard, and now I understand that during this time (90-95) he was suffering from a financial crisis as well as a divorce. This is important, because when he got his financial footing back the press returned to soft coverage. I remember an extended piece of news about Marla Maples and her big role in Executive Decision. Great popcorn flick, she played a stewardess.

Now from 96-2000 I was out of the loop, but that is a blog post for another day. But from 2000-2004 I was unaware of him, but he always seemed to be in the news. Now take a minute and review his credits on IMDB: Trump credits. He has worked in anything and everything to keep his name and his image out there. He has as many credits as a working character actor that works solely out of New York. Absurd, that he had the time to do it. Also absurd that no one else has brought up his extensive experience in front of the camera. Lots of puff and fluff, but in their prime Letterman and Sterns were sneaky great interviewers. Also, acting and playing versions of himself helped A\B test his on camera persona.

So Trump had done enough to develop goodwill on varied programs like the Nanny and Wrestlemania. TV is the most intimate form of media, as it is in your home and you have the choice to turn it on and off. Trump has been on national television since 1981 selling himself. Incredible. WHen Trump started to take pot shots at current political leaders back in 2011 or so, I did not know what his end game was. I did not think he would ever run. I was 100% unaware of the exploratory committee and his stint in the Freedom Party I believe n 2000. It came at great personal and professional risk to go after president Obama and many other politicians.

No longer was he highly favored by David Letterman, or Howard Stern. Interestingly enough Stern has been the most professional about his past with Donald. It was this article First political hit piece that keyed me in. I cannot stress enough, that article meant to destroy his ambitions in the crib, made me realize he would win. So now that is my brief history with the PEOTUS. Now I will be back tomorrow to talk about how I believe Tucker Carlson saved his campaign at the beginning and the end. Happy Thanksgiving.


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