The Primaries, and Twitter

I believe there is a need for people to break down complex text and methodology, and deliver it to an audience who could not absorb it in its original form. This is one of the reasons I am writing about the election. I waited until the election was over to start. Frankly, I was not at a skill level where I could have written about the campaign on a day to day basis. There are a few people who were able to touch on the Trump Phenomenon, but two individuals in particular stand out. During the primaries, there were two people who perfected this art. Bill Mitchell and John Nolte.

No two people had their finger on the pulse of the electorate more than these two fellows. One of the most amusing things for me was watching Bill Mitchell go from 22K followers to over 100K and be the most accurate pundit regarding election day turnout. Bill had some inside sources yes, but he had a good old fashioned gut feeling. He was using his Twitter account to act as a modern day Will Rogers, tweeting out common sense wisdom that would trigger 7 figure consultants.

John Nolte has been writing professionally, and personally against the mainstream media for years. I have looked to him as the voice of reason (which is interesting because 99% of Twitter thinks he is certafilable) since I came across his writing in 2009, 2010. Nolte says he has a superpwoer, like one of the mutants from the X men. He has the ability to piss people off, make them enraged. I can vouch for this, as I agree with John’s opinion on politics, journalism and even movies 97% of the time, but Istill get mad at his tweets!

I look to these two individuals specifically because they did not 100% buy into the Master Persuader Filter, but did not discount it. They relied on their own intuition and instinct to call the shots all the way.

On a personal note, I would not have gotten through the primaries without Mr. Mitchell’s enthusiasm and positive attitude and struttin’ boots, or Mr, Nolte’s take no prisoners attack on media, and consultants and pundits he thought were frauds.  So this is a thank you note to you both.

Tomorrow I will delve into my introduction to the Alt Right and where I stand on that.


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