The Alt Right

I apologize for the delay, the holidays got to me. I seem to have a few people checking in on the blog, so that is great. Mostly they come at night, mostly. I was introduced to  the left right war of labeling groups and sub groups as a teenager. My mother is very religious and was a member of Operation Rescue and I became aware of the group’s activities. She and the rest of her compatriots did a good job of not indoctrinating me into the movement.

Each political faction has it’s lunatic fringe and brainwashing techniques. I have tried to reject labels and secondary sources. My gateway to the Alt Right was Twitter accounts like Adolf Joe Biden Ricky Vaughn in his many forms, Milo,  Vox Day and Jay Fivekiller. Several years ago though, you might remember an ad circulating around various websites. It’s clickbait style headline read “New way white supremacists speak” or some bullshit. It had a very striking looking girl transfixed by a computer monitor as the screen cap. Curiosity getting the better of me, I clicked and the only thing I remember is the now popular screed about diversity. The line in the video was does anyone say Japan is to Japanese, we need to bring more of X into Japan to make it diverse. I think diversity = anti white was used in there but it did not hold my attention long enough to watch the whole video. What it did do was red pill me in a way. I agreed 100% with the videos content, therefore I was a white supremacist. I saw the battle lines, but I did not know Alt Right was already fighting the battle.

I have a very sheltered online life, use Twitter primarily to read, and do not engage people much. I was vaguely familiar with the terms that get tossed around like Occam’s Razor , Poe’s Law and most importantly The Overton Window. I have trolled a few message boards in my day, but did not understand the power of trolling people, or bullyciding with “hate facts” until I followed Big Todd and watched how he used Twitter to obliterate the narrative and force open the Overton Window. At the same time as I was slowly being drawn toward more offensive/aggressive accounts, gamer gate was happening.

I have had better insight than a lot of “pundits” as I could see the moving parts and how they fit. However, I was under the impression that there 1. were such things as coincidences and 2. shitposting was just shitposting. I was wrong on both counts. This article does a great job explaining the gamer gate MAGA merger.

The next post will take a look at what a masterful populist campaign PEOTUS Trump ran. I will be relying heavily on Jay Five‘s blog posts for this. He called the movement back in 2014.


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