Nazi Nazi Nazi, Not so Fast

I touched on Poe’s Law earlier. I became aware of the phenomenon of people calling one another Nazi’s around 2000 post GWB getting elected.  I always thought it was chickenshit and dangerous. I can recall finalizing how I would handle the mainstream media during this turd hunt. This plastic preening imbecile Gregory was always way out of his depth with many of his guests. I am neither  fan nor detractor of Michelle Bachman, but it is around this time I came up with my theory.

If they call you a racist, or nazi, call them a pedophile. After their shocked response, double down by saying I have as much circumstantial evidence you are a pedophile that you have to call me a racist. Now I have zero chance of being interviewed by a mainstream media publication, and I am not sure that argument would fly past the legal department. But you get the gist, and this year you have seen similar tactics used to great effect. People from message boards and forums got on social media and bullycided 6 and 7 figure professionals.

I would be interested to know how people age 25-30 view the media and how their thoughts evolved. I am 40, grew up in a suburb of Boston and lived through a lot of fucking nonsense and outrageous bullshit and ass fucking prostitution scandals and understood that Democrats were impervious to scandals, as they just would not be considered scandals by the news. I was immune to the “news” at an early age, by age 14 was mocking it. It was just bullshit filler to get to Bob Lobel and the sports highlights. This is before SJW’s fucked sports up too.

I find it hard to believe that it took 25-30 years to catch onto the tricks needed to beat the media. That is where Cuckservative comes in. I always understood being on TV, or writing for a large newspaper and then website had certain rules. But never have I seen the mask slip off of these shills faster and with more flop sweat than in 2016. Whatever integrity Journalism had, is long gone. Social media and a take no prisoners attitude helped shatter an industry that had passed its expiration point in the early 90’s. #MAGA indeed.


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