Swinging the election with the Honeybadger of American Politics

Busy work day, holidays in full swing. Love this time of year. The first and one of the best non anonymous trolls I encountered on Twitter was Todd Kincannon. That link will not take you to twitter, Todd has been excommunicated. I have a couple funny online stories about Todd.

I never met the guy in real life, but I can guess he would be top 5 guys all time to knock back a drink and watch a game with. I joined Twitter to catch up on the Conan O’Brien Tonight show fiasco. I figured out what a solid political tool Twitter was sometime later. Political Twitter was the best Twitter then. Erick Erickson of all people recommended Todd on a follow Friday or some shit. I still never grasped the nuances of Twitter even though I am on it constantly. I followed Todd and at first it was like watching a car crash.

Then I thought, why the fuck am I following this guy? He just insults the dog shit out of everyone in his timeline. Then it just clicked one day. Guy was like Morton Downey Jr. of Twitter, provocateur, showman, insult comic, theologian. His feed would go from hooker jokes to scripture, to pop culture to some of the most insightful political perspective you can find. All in rapid fire 140 character bursts. He brought out the worst people, and then brought out the worst in them.

The the motherfucker goes and marries a crazy chick, gets jammed up, gets out of the jam and disappears. Fast forward to #MAGA. The most fertile time in Twitter history to be a troll and one of the greatest natural talents of all time is missing it. The biggest travesty and waste of talent since Jimmy Carter fucked Kurt Thomas out of his destiny. No shit, that story is brutal, people only remember Kurt as the guy from this huge piece of shit. No. Every bone in my body says, the honey badger has to be back for this, he just has to.

Then, like magic the prodigal son returns. He comes back, firing on all cylinders. Then just like that in late August he leaves Twitter with some fucking tweet about the score to Back to The Future III. What the absolute fuck? We are 60 days from MAGA, what could be more important than bullyciding team Correct the Record?

Turns out the sonnovabitch was working with some folks to execute a ratfucking scheme to HRC’s poll data in key swing states. Classic Kincannon! I thought I was done writing about him and MAGA, and the magnificent bastard elbows his way into the bar with a bag full of money and the prom queen under his arm.  Follow him on GAB to read more details of Operation Phone Fuck. Honey Badger don’t give a fuck indeed.


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