Was it over before it started?

Just finished reading this blog from Scott Adams. As usual he is correct. I was planning to Tweet at him, but thought I would try and unpack it here. I was going to ask when the exact time was that Scott pinpointed Trump was going to take it all the way. I know he predicted it early on, but I wanted to know when he felt it was a lock. I know he literally said, it was a 98% chance of not only a Trump win, but a landslide, and I was still going to ask.

This is where I grapple a lot with Adams Master Persuader Filter, and Mike Cernovich’s MAGA MINDSET. Now I did not say disagree, I said grapple with for a reason. I am thinking of their rationale as fringe, or radical, when in fact my thinking is obsolete and outdated. That has been a smooth transition, I am 40 and have had my worldview up ended a few times. I am able to use both Mike and Scott’s world views in the context of Twitter and the news, but not yet my own life. This is something I will touch on later, but for now back to the original question. Was it over before it started?

The curtain was really pulled back, and I understand some of the rationale both guys used. To drive their audience and make the biggest impact both chose twitter, blogs and periscope to communicate. Both men had mutual respect for each other’s work and sometimes their efforts seemed collaborative. But as the fog clears, they both are guilty of perpetrating the biggest SPOILER of all time, on the greatest show in history. What is fascinating is, with all the high stakes involved, how did someone on the other team not capitalize sooner?

I think the answer is ego, and that is the answer to why I can accept persuasion can literally change the course of history, but not help me on a day to day basis. If it was so simple, am I a failure for not seeing it? If it is so simple, am I ready to act and reach my full potential? This year has been a wacky year and I know I am going to find the answers in 2017, thanks in no small part to both of these guys. Scott, Mike, thank you.

If you like this post, you will love Scott’s book as much as I did.


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