My idea for a script. First you find yourself in real estate in Manhattan in the late 70’s height of the Mafia resurgence. Then you make some moves and your company takes off along with your profile.

Then you go on Television and have a knack for it, you play yourself or versions of for a decade. Then your first marriage ends, and the knives come out.

The 80’s are over, and you get lumped in with all the bad guys of Wall Street like  Michael Milken, and even a Fictional character though you are in real estate not the stock market.

Then the 90’s come roaring in and people who used to kiss your ass take shots at you. They are smug useless D list celebrities that can’t afford your buildings but hear rumors your empire is in trouble. You get skewered in the tabloids for dating and marrying a bikini model. The intelligentsia can write you off, as they have always wanted to do. You were too connected then. Now there is blood in the water, for the first time since middle school, it’s your blood.

Then you turn it around, come roaring back. You knock off the fecklessness that comes with middle age and unbridled early success. You refocus and come back better than ever. You jump on to the reality TV scene, and own it. Put out more books, one where you predict 9-11 attacks. 

You get mad, the people that work in your clubs resorts and golf courses, they are telling you how hard it is out there, that the country is going to hell. You keep hearing it, but things are good for you, great even as you avoided the bubble in real estate this time. You got remarried. You are in your golden years.

But you can’t sleep, you can’t get joy from closing the deal or cutting the ribbons. Your kids are more than cabpable of taking over but you burn like a fire to work. It just isn’t the same though. The high rise and the TV show, what kind of legacy with they be when the country that allowed you to make them real falls apart?

You declare you are running for president. You dispatch 16 republican candidates by March 15, though a crooked primary system allows some stragglers. Then you whip up enough delegates to move on to the general.

Now you face a political machine with 40 years of experience. Every media outleton the planet except for a handful of upstarts smear you as a Nazi a racist a bigot a tax cheat and more. The republicans you vanquished start taking pot shots at you, you have no support outside of a close circle.

You get torpedoed with a crude joke to a game show host on a bus in October. This is followed up by claims from women of sexual misconduct. This is all flimsy and suspect, but it blares on TV 24/7. 

Then you deliver a knock out blow in a debate, and right the ship. You show humility and focus. You give the people what they want. You timed it all from the start. You become the people’s champion, they shower you with 306 electoral votes. This is just the first season.


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