Unite for America

Trying to share my thoughts on Trump’s election through inauguration has gotten complicated. Work has me busy, so do the holidays. Also, other people have been more insightful, it makes more sense for me to try and direct traffic to them. Most importantly in trying to gain traction and attract readers, the best play is to stay current.

This latest bit of desperation is amusing. It looks to be the cast of the West Wing and Mash, asking the electoral college to fuck the voting public. I just can’t put into words how awful these people are. This strategy is fine by me though. The kicker will come when the follow up video is released and the actors get a new script calling the electoral voters Nazis instead of brave.

This amount of flop sweat and desperation is chicken soup for the soul. However it is a key point to remember what these people are really like, and how Trump supporters were to be treated in the event Hillary won. Blacklisting, boycots, public shaming, possible prison. It is time to turn the mocking up to 11 and drive these people into the political wilderness for a generation. In the meantime, now would be a good time to dust this gem off.

#Trump #UniteForAmerica


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