The electoral vote came and went, and the impotent rage of the left is getting more desperate. It is worth noting that these pieces of shit are insufferable after a pride obliterating bitch slap of a loss, imagine how insufferable they would have been after a win. The media would not have let up on our president-elect until his reputation and business were in tatters. They would have worked to poison his empire, and ruin his children.

This is not lost on Mr. Trump. This is a man who has been dealing with the media at the highest level for close to four decades. His extensive network of like minded loyal staff are steeped in his methodology. All of the mainstream press will fall in line or be frozen out of all influence. We are witnessing meltdowns usually reserved for unstable ex lovers. This has been happening daily since November 8th, and can olny get more spectacular in scope.

Savor this, at some point we truly will tire of winning. Maybe after the 2020 relection and unmatched electoral defeat of whatever absurd candidate the broken Democratic party pushes on the stage to be devoured by the #MAGA machine. It is all coming together, soon the faithless will be purged from the party and cast into political wilderness. The most amazing politcal story since JFK and media is unable to objectively cover it.

This was a victory so complete, we will be unable to process the reprecussions for some time. Entrenched establishments ripped from the roots and replaced with new coalitions, and a new base of pwer that seems to have been around forever and nor a mere 19-20 months old. Every day is a living dream, every meal is a banquet. Savor it all.



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