Josh McDaniels Biggest Supporter

and best #Patriots writer bar none is Jerry Thornton writing for Barstool Sports. I have aged out of most of the content on that site, but still get read old balls as he is affectionately known to his readers on that site.

I will use Scott Adams’ Talent Stack to explain why I like Jerry so much.  A talent stack “involves layering one modest skill on top of another until the effect is something special.” The older less nuanced version was “skill set” but that really covered tangible skills like Microsoft office, six sigma accreditation and so forth. Adams’ talent stack leaves room for the intangibles.

First, Jerry is a hard worker, he put in his hours for sure. He is a funny guy, is he the funniest guy on the planet? No, but he has great timing, and knows how to do schtick without becoming as annoying as Paul Reiser.

Secondly, the guy knows his football. Is he on the level of Bill Belichick? No, but who is? He is heads an shoulders above the national sports press. The syndicated guys are fungible, they latch onto a story or a player, ride that narrative into the ground. They are lazy and get their cues from a slick highlight package. Jerry is a real deal x’s and o’s guy. He knows tackle football, and his post game breakdowns are a must. In an era where talking heads exchange platitudes while saying gems like “fast player is fast” Strong player is strong” Jerry is a breath of fresh air.

Thirdly, Jerry has a sense of humility, huge when you are writing about the ego engorged world of sports. He understands that football is a game in the grand scheme of things, but is unapologetic about his passion for the game. As someone who has become disgusted to the point of not being able to watch a second of television coverage for any sport, Jerry is a welcome sight after each Patriots game, win or lose. Mostly win. Go Pats.



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