The Menendez murders are trending as one of the brothers is doing an interview on 20/20. For me that case was sandwiched in between the OJ Simpson trial and another murder in California. I remember the Menendez case got a tv movie treatment and then was bizarrely sent up in Ben Stiller’s underappreciated Cable Guy.

There was another murder that was just as sensational but woefully under reported. The murder of Anthony ‘Tony’ Guest is one that has stayed with me most vividly. It became an obsession for me around 1998. I was home on leave and I hard some sketch details of his life out in California. Tony was always more mouth than muscle. He was a very large personality, he was quasi famous for being on an episode of Spenser for Hire. I can’t recall the name of the episode, but I remember he played a middle school drug dealer stealing drugs from his mom. It might have been this one.

I was able to find out the details of the case when a friend of mine got access to West-Law for a school project. The details were too much for him to relay to me. The murder, was beyond horrific. I wonder if the crime was too gruesome to turn into one of those forensic files type of shows. I thought finding out the details would cool my obsession with the case, but I know now nothing will. There was a rumor that the local police were so disgusted with the OJ and Menendez cases that they wanted this one solved, and really poured all their manpower into it. I just thought Tony deserved an anniversary too.




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