College Football Hall of Fame


Tom Coughlin made his mark as the head coach for the New York Giants, winning two dramatic Superbowls as underdogs to Tom Brady and the Patriots. In his career as a pro football coach, he was always ridiculed as a stern task master and someone whom the game had passed by. Constantly on the coaching ‘hot seat’ and looking over his shoulder.

As any of his former players would tell you, some of that is true and some of it is utter horse shit. Truth os Coughlin was a dry sober fellow, more concerned with winning games, limiting turnovers than playing grab ass with the New York Press. What I always liked about Mr. Coughlin was how he handled his time as the coach of Boston College.

Besides single handedly making it relevant again, there is this story about his dealings with a very sick student athlete that shows his true character. It is amusing to me that Mr. Coughlin was forced out by the Giants this year. I guarantee he would have had them ready to beat the hell out of the Packers. Visit here for more details.


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