I was raised Catholic, never confirmed. I had issues with the church, and issues at home with my religious parents. I never experienced anything untoward by any of the priests or parishioners where I went to mass. I wish I could say there was some lofty reason why I chose not to continue on through my studies and confirmation, but there wasn’t. I was just a teenager with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. As I get older, I have a yearning to go through with my confirmation, and get back to a deeper relationship with Christ.

My issue is the church seems more interested in things like this than in the word of God. Vox Day does a lot of good work on his blog regarding “churchianity” the mutation of LDS Christianity and Judaism. I want to avoid that, but do want to return to the flock of Catholicism. I need to make this a priority and start to visit many churches in the area. It will be good to get involved with the church, and if it is not the perfect place of worship, work toward making it better.

I believe people like me left the church for a reason, but that the church needs us now as much as we need it. I will keep you posted on my journey.


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