Roy Scheider

Quick bio from his infogalactic page:

Roy Richard Scheider (November 10, 1932 – February 10, 2008) was an American actor and amateur boxer. He gained fame for his leading and supporting roles in several iconic films from the 1970s, playing Police Chief Martin C. Brody in Jaws (1975) and Jaws 2 (1978), NYPD Detective Buddy “Cloudy” Russo in The French Connection (1971), NYPD Detective Buddy Manucci in The Seven Ups (1973), Doc in Marathon Man (1976), and choreographer and film director Joe Gideon in All That Jazz (1979). He is also known for playing Captain Nathan Bridger in the science fiction television series seaQuest DSV (1993-1996). Described by AllMovie as “one of the most unique and distinguished of all Hollywood actors”,[1] Scheider was nominated for two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award.[2]

I saw Richard Dreyfuss trending and someone posted a gif of Roy Scheider. I always thought every actor had a twin or a double. Not Scheider. He was one of a kind, tough as nails. His star faded in late 80’s and he did not get good scripts into his 60s and 70s as other actors did. However his body of work is unreal. From French Connection, to Jaws, Blue Thunder. The clip above is from William Friedkin’s Sorcerer.

Here is an obituary by Friedkin. Like I said every actor has a doppelgänger, a younger version, a next years model. Every actor has a method or way of speaking that reminds you of another. Except Roy Scheider. Tough as nails, one of a kind. No one even talks about his performance in Jaws, holding together the movie while Shaw chews more scenery that the shark and Dreyfuss gets the best lines.

Here he is as a stand in for director choreographer Bob Fosse in All That Jazz. Amazing performance, complete 180 from his earlier work. Hardly ever gets talked about much, it is a shame. I remember when it hit me how good the guy really was at his job, as I had always taken him for granted up to a point. I was going through some classin 70’s movies and watched Marathon Man. Roy had a relatively small part, but man he dominated the whole picture. Can you think of an actor who reminds you of Roy Scheider now? How about from older Hollywood? I can’t.


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