The Jetsons


Inauguration day is right around the corner. I am over on Gab and the legendary Todd Kincannon posted a link to this commercial. Today I read this piece on Peter Theil. He also mentions the Jetsons. I understand it is a famous cartoon, especially for people of a certain age, but this is not a coincidence.

The Jetsons are a perfect representation for #MAGA. A retro feel, with a futuristic aesthetic. A nuclear family at the center of things, filled with promise and new beginnings yet still comforting as a reminder of the roots of the past. It is not just the stock market that is going to boom, this will be a renaissance.

The atmosphere is going to be one long cocktail party, or maybe NASCAR event is a better analogy. There will be no room for naysayers. No time for negativity and doubt. Gone are the days of laying blame for problems. No more navel gazing, we gaze at the stars again. Now there is only #MAGA and a positive can do attitude. Results matter again, regardless of the feelings of those who lose or choose to play victim.

Ideas will be shared more freely, problems will be solved instead of just whined about. Laying blame is so 2008, laying the groundwork for a new future is so 2016. It is happening, the wave is to big, the feeling too strong. It is contagious, a Pandemic of action, results, renewed passion and pride. Those who cast doubt will be cast out.

We are winning every day, and the fact that there are people who despise this, want to put a stop to Americans becoming more prosperous does not go unnoticed. They are on the wrong side of history. They are with the Flintstones. We are the Jetsons.



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