William Peter Blatty

I picked up a Kindle version of the 40th anniversary of the Exorcist this Halloween. For those of you who have not read the book, please do. It is an amazing piece of fiction. The book is around 375-380 pages and the exorcism does not begin until page 340 or so. I got a copy of the film as well. The director’s cut anniversary edition on Amazon streaming. The film was great as you already know.

There was a featurette on the writing of the book and it provides a nice glimpse into the life of Mr. Blatty at the time. Before he became famous for the Exorcist he was a successful screen writer. He started off as a comedy writer having penned the screenplay for A Shot in the Dark with Peter Sellers.

He directed a favorite film of mine called the  Ninth Configuration. Amazing film, highly recommended. I feel fortunate to have delved into his literary and film work last year, and will continue to do so. He was a prodigious talent, and a man of faith.nintchdbpict0002941884651


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