Any time KC plays I always think of Hank Stram. I love his style. He was a winner, in the AFL and NFL.

Don Shula tells my favorite story about Mr. Stram. One of my favorite of all sports anecdotes  is below:

The one thing I remember about coaching against you, Hank, is the longest game on Christmas Day in 1971. It was the last game in the old stadium in Kansas City. 

Then, the following season, we played against you in the first game in the new stadium. What was unique about that game is it was the hottest game in which I ever coached. The temperature hovered around 100 degrees. I used to put my gameplan, the short list, in my shirt pocket. And the ink from the gameplan just melted and ran all over my shirt. It got to where I couldn’t read it. And I recall looking across the field to your sideline and there you were – the only guy who wasn’t in an air-conditioned box and you had on a red vest and coat! 

I love the visual, and I always think of Don Shula as one cool character. So far we have a great game going. 


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