Everybody knows of the man. His passions, his murder his flaws and his secrets. The speech is as powerful today as it was then. The man was a passionate orator, and a showman. His legacy however, is crumbling before our eyes. Read the transcript for yourselves.

“But 100 years later the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later the life of the Negro is still badly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.”

That speech was 54 years ago. Segregation of schools, the passage of the Great Society , war on poverty. The equal opportunity laws are in place. We have had a black president. Things are still messy. The bullhorn of pro segregationists has been replaced by the megaphone of race pimps. I am told it is my fault blacks still suffer. There has been no healing, because there is nothing to heal. These wounds are ripped open in perpetuity.

Imagine traveling to Asia and lambasting the natives for the cruel treatment of Genghis Khan. Imagine an Irishman demanding money from British Petroleum for what Oliver Cromwell did? There are actually renewed calls for segregation. See here as well as here. Federal money is being used to segregate this school. There is open hostility and now some think whites should be subjugated for perceived slights.

The dream is dead. It died with Dr. King. It is time black activists stop parading his corpse around for money and pity. You have come full circle, you want to segregate and dominate. Shame on you.


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