My go to source for immigration is the incomparable Mickey Kaus. He is a sturdy fellow that can pick apart politicians on both side of the aisle with equal aplomb. He is not prone to hyperbole or bed wetting, and that is why I am concerned with President Trump’s failure to end DACA.

There are two prevailing schools of thought here:

  1. It is still early on, very early. let’s give some time for the cabinet to take hold and allow AG Sessions some breathing room to formulate a plan.
  2. DACA could have been ended with a stroke of the pen on January 20th.

I think it is dangerous to follow a political regime unquestioningly, but I hate to hit the panic button this early. However, using time tested philosophy, I am going to defer to the  smarter guy. If Kaus is worried, we all have good cause to be worried.

I hope President Trump does the right thing, and soon.

UPDATE: Daily Caller has a story on DACA changes:

Skeptics may have seen this shift in the president’s policy coming, especially as DACA went unmentioned when the president cracked down on illegal immigration in February and because his communications team has avoided giving a direct answer when asked multiples times when the president would end DACA.

My gut feeling was right that DACA was going to stay. It is a shit policy that I hate, but it is a lose lose political position.

“Muh Brown Children” is a story that the media can and will run with. It would be a huge distraction and be used to tarnish the kick ass job ICE has been doing.

Think about the long game. DACA is illegal, have a third party sue when Trump has packed the court to end it. He looks magnanimous for letting them stay, and for then following the court’s decision.


DACA is coming to an end?

The incomparable Mickey Kaus thinks this move will compel the more agressive state AG’s to sue and end the program. I hope he is right. Enough bullshit here, end it.


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