The current media has a hard time with definitions of words. They seem unable comprehend the definition illegal in the context of illegal immigrant. They also confound the term economic migrant with refugee. Here is a link to a story titled “A City Built on Refugees” about Lowell, Ma. Here is another story about Lowell.

Rather than being a city built on refugees, as if there were such a thing, Lowell was a city destroyed by the ill effects of globalism. Then flooded with replacements for the despondent residents who see their neighborhood die slowly each day, as they kill themselves with opiates.

Lowell is a tough blue collar town, and was the home to a huge Trump rally from last year. Perhaps these a mere coincidences. Perhaps Lowell has had enough cultural enrichment, though and that explains a lot. Build the wall.

Photo courtesy Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post.


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