Claude Julien

After my stint in the USMC, I couldn’t sleep and listened to a lot of sports radio. I liked Mike Keenan the coach of the Bruins at that time and would listen to the games and his post game conferences.

“Iron” Mike Keenan knew a lot about hockey,  it what stuck with me was what he knew about winning. Everyone in the NHL could play, but only a select few knew what it took to win. Keenan was relieved of his coaching duties and I swore off the Bruins.

A number of years and a number of coaches came and went. Then Claude Julian showed up, taking over a sad sack franchise that had once been the pride of the city. He made the Bruins tough, relevant, and he made them champions. He taught those players how to win, and they delivered a Stanley Cup to Boston for the first time in decades. Good luck Claude.


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