Don’t Shill for Schilling


Last night at the #bullmoose party a challenger was named. Dr. V A Shiva Ayyadurai Has thrown down the gauntlet
It was very disheartening when Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown for the senate seat in 2012. I liked Scott Brown, he had a good reputation in the area and he ran a very good campaign against Martha Coakley. He failed in his reelection campaign, as he relied on bad advice and got away from the strategies that made him an appealing state-wide candidate in deep blue Massachusetts. I would love nothing more than to replace Lyin’ Liz Warren. Curt Schilling is not the answer.

Schilling has a monster ego, which is normal for sports stars, especially ones who performed at a high level like he did in multiple World Series. I do not think he is Antifragile enough to withstand the attacks. Schilling began to flex his political muscle in Massachusetts for John McCain in the senator’s failed presidential bid. His message was typical old guard GOP, relying on social and strong fiscal conservatism. This is Curt’s first material weakness as a Bay State candidate.

The destruction of his video game company 38 Studios and his fleecing of our Rhode Island  neighbors is the stuff of legend. Schilling will try to ride Trump’s coattails, but he has no record of success to fall back on. Try as he might to spin the closure of his video game company, Schilling went to jock sniffing politicians for a sweetheart loan, and stuck the Rhode Island taxpayers with the bill.

Curt will use his incendiary comments and subsequent suspensions and firings from ESPN as badges of honor. They are not, they are another glaring weakness. President Trump walks a razor wire with his rhetoric and carefully crafted linguistic kill shots while Curt is incapable of sounding like anything other than a blow hard.

Curt Schilling is the Ted Cruz of baseball. Undeniably talented, but presenting a bullshit facade anyone can see through. Here is an excerpt from an article in GQ Magazine:

“Between the white lines, it’s all real,“ says one reporter who has covered Schilling. “But outside the white lines, there’s a huge gap between the man and the image he projects.“ Take, for instance, Schilling’s self-glorifying display during Congress’s steroid hearings last March or his absurdly patriotic open letter to America on ESPN.com after 9/11, for which his teammates mocked him on a late-night bus ride with a chorus of “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.“ “They know what he’s about,“ says the sportswriter. “I’d say a large percentage of them like him—every fifth day. He wears on people.“

On days he doesn’t pitch, Schilling is notorious for striking TV-ready poses on the dugout stairs. (His manager in Philadelphia, Jim Fregosi, dubbed him Red Light Curt.) “He’s somebody who’s always positioning himself in terms of what’s best for Curt Schilling,“ says ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, who described Schilling as “the consummate table for one.“ (Speaking of which, Schilling also has a reputation for sneaking into the clubhouse late in games to get a head start on the buffet.)

Curt Schilling only cares about Curt Schilling. He will piss away the campaign money like he did taxpayer money, and position himself for a lucrative gig in local talk radio or television as Warren coasts to a re-election. I do not want anyone wasting valuable money, time, resources or shit posting for this fucking clown.


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