It was roughly a year ago when pieces like this one were being churned out every day. Yesterday’s press conference was one to behold. El Rushbo saw the same things flyover country saw, our president mocking the corrupt media into oblivion. We are not even at the beginning of spring, and the media is begging for help from the same people they have relentlessly mocked for 5 decades.

The left cannot comprehend that after 50 years spent abusing people normal kind people with their platforms, abusing Trump makes him stronger. More appealing. He is in the populist golden zone, a wave of his hand or an arch of his eyebrow send the press corps into fits of impotent rage. He has become master of the universe, and he did it climbing on their backs.

What will be the death knell is the joy Trump takes in the game. He has exacted the greatest strategic plan for revenge in human history, and his presidency is a 4 year touchdown dance with his loyalists screaming more, more! The more he, and by extension we, mock, the more bitter and desperate our enemies become. It is not even the one month anniversary of Trump taking the oath. #MAGA.


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