Chilly Scenes of Winter

This movie has popped up in my timeline courtesy of the one and only John Nolte and I was reminded by how much I liked it. There are two scenes that are the funniest I have ever seen in a movie not staring Leslie Neilson, and the movie nails the tone.

John Heard is amazing, and plays into humiliating scenes that seem natural not forced. This isn’t like a Ben Stiller movie where the lead is humiliated just to move the script. It would not be made today, or if it were made it would be directed by Wes Anderson and drained of all the reality that makes it so damn funny.

I like the movie a lot, as it is a reminder of how to do adult comedy that is not a teen sex comedy. I remember watching Wonder Boys and cringing at how hard they tried to show what f*ck ups the adults were. Part of the fun is watching Chilly Scenes of Winter and slowly realizing, hey this guy is a grade a f*ck up! Well worth a watch, and you can find it on YouTube, just after the trailer I posted.


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