Wire Taps

This story is going to have legs. It will be interesting to see how many pundits, journos and other folks react. Watergate is a 40 plus year old scandal, and even a history buff like me gets lost in the complexity of the whole issue. There was so much post Nixon information released post scandal it all bleeds together.

I always remeber the break in, and of course G. Gordon Liddy .  Everyone knows how any scandal can be “tagged” with the suffix gate. Email gate for HRC, spygate for the New England Patriots. People tend to remember watergate mainly through the book and film of the same name All the President’s Men and the dogma “the cover up is worse than the crime.” Few remember the illegal wiretapping aspect of the scandal.

Infogalactic does a great job breaking this down.

Two phones inside the offices of the DNC headquarters were said to have been wiretapped.[19] One was the phone of Robert Spencer Oliver, who at the time was working as the executive director of the Association of State Democratic Chairmen, and the other was the phone of DNC secretary Larry O’Brien.[20] The FBI found no evidence that O’Brien’s phone was bugged.[21] However, it was determined that an effective listening device had been installed in Oliver’s phone.[22]

Despite the success in installing the listening devices, the Committee agents soon determined that they needed to be repaired.[22] They planned a second “burglary” in order to take care of this.[22]

The break in was to repair the listening devices. The break in was the crime the burglars were caught perpetrating, but the wiretapping was the major transgression. It is going to be intersting to see how many people butcher the facts or try and conflate the issues going forward.  If there is hard evidence of a wire tap, with or without a warrant, this is going to get very complicated.

UPDATE: Here are those legs I told you about.

Almost two weeks after President Donald Trump’s tweets accusing his predecessor of wiretapping Trump Tower, the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee tried to offer some support by saying that the president’s team was caught up in a U.S. surveillance net.

Representative Devin Nunes said Wednesday that the intelligence community collected multiple conversations involving members of Trump’s transition team during legal surveillance of foreign targets after he won election last year. After Nunes went to the White House to brief Trump, the president told reporters “I somewhat do” feel vindicated by the latest development.

Deep state leaks information to willing idiotic press. A press corps that has unloaded everything they have on President Trump for close to two years. I would say as far back as 2014 when they really tried to upend his presidential prospects. The use of the word fake in the headline is delightful. The playbook is simple, Donald J Trump would not have taken such an enormous risk to his health and fortune if he did not have all of this information already. He is using a strategy from Steve Bannon, who learned it from the late great Andrew Breitbart. Buckle Up.

UPDATE: Cernovich has the full story exposing Obama scapegoat Susan Rice unmasking the Intel.

UPDATE: John Nolte has compiled a list of foreign Intel agencies that conspired with the Obama Administration to wiretap President Trump.


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