What Camille Paglia Understands About the Trump Era #adaywithoutwomen


Camille is a very interesting character. She has been removed from the large pulpit she had in the 90s because she refuses to bastardize her positions on the issues du jour. She is a free thinker, and in this day and age that is a rare thing indeed.

Here are some things of which Camille Paglia — perhaps the most famous alleged anti-feminist feminist in American history — approves: football, Bernie Sanders, Katharine Hepburn, Rihanna, the Real Housewives franchise, taramasalata. (It tastes like lox, not like nova, which is good, because nova is too refined; it’s missing all the fish taste.) Here are some things Camille Paglia scorns, and should you have a problem with her scorn, know that she enjoys a fight: Michel Foucault, Doris Day, Lena Dunham, Elena Ferrante, college students who are always whining about date rape. Here are some things of which Camille Paglia used to approve, but has since exiled from her esteem: Bill Clinton, Madonna. She continues to believe in both the ’60s and rock and roll.

I call bullshit on the Doris Day line though.



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