Midnight Macabre

Great review of The Brood here. The writer hits a key theme with Cronenberg, a similarity I also see with Brian DePalma:

Of course, Cronenberg was neither the first filmmaker to get their start working in horror films before going on to the proverbial bigger and better things, nor was he the last. The difference is that for Cronenberg, these early works were not merely stepping stones designed to get him out of the sleazefests and into more respectable and personally felt projects. Instead, his efforts back then were as deeply felt, dramatically sound and ambitious as anything that he would go on to create over the ensuing decades—they just also happened to include enough sex, violence and bizarre imagery to play for exploitation fans as well. 

The budgets and scripts got better for Cronenberg, but the obsession with technology’s effect on the mind and body are constant themes he revisits. Start this one at midnight, and steel yourself for the ugliest divorce of all time!


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