Captive Audience #saturdaymorning


FEATURED-TWITTER_Loss-01-1200x630Very amusing article in the Atlantic from last month. The thesis of the article is that Twitter is not a failure as an IPO. The article is typical of mainstream press as it misses the point entirely through ignorance, or on purpose.

For Twitter, this command means finding a way to grow a business that may already be full-grown. What if half a billion dollars a quarter really is all the world wants to spend on tweets? But that is not an option. Instead, the company must pivot toward new potential growth areas, at the expense of the market it already has.

The business may be full-grown? Compared to Facebook the business remains untapped. Jack and his SJW council spend more time driving users away to other platforms like Gab than growing the user base.

Last week, Dorsey told investors on his conference call that he wants Twitter to become “the planet’s largest daily connected audience.” That’s supposed to give them hope for the future. But when the hope of a company is based on it becoming the biggest thing in the whole world, chances are the opportunity for genuine prosperity has already been lost.

Twitter could, and should have been the biggest thing in the world, it is as revolutionary as introducing television or radio into the lexicon of communication. This is a real-time ticker tape, a platform for sharing news, video, stream of consciousness, comedy, writing and more. Jack wants the biggest audience in the world, so he can lecture them and sell detergent. What a waste.


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