Social Issues on TV: Series Like ‘Shots Fired’ Confront Politics | Variety #wednesdaywisdom

‘Woke TV’ is a hipster way to say very special episode. After school specials on drugs, Mr. Carlson from WKRP in Cincinnati trying to molest Gary Coleman, to Candice Bergen’s fictional Murphy Brown getting into a pissing match with a sitting Vice President. None of this is new, but look how the makers of this show see themselves:

The show arrives at a time when fissures along lines of race, religion, sexuality, and politics in American life have burst open. But Fox is not leaping into the cultural chasm alone. Across broadcast TV, programmers are confronting hot-button issues with an intensity not seen in decades — from “event” limited series such as ABC’s “When We Rise” to comedies such as NBC’s “The Carmichael Show” and CBS’ “Superior Donuts.” The new wave of “woke” broadcast shows is a response to the political and cultural moment, but also to long-simmering changes in the TV business.

Another heavy handed lecture from mediocre talent. Must see TV indeed.


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