Tucker Carlson: It’s NBC who was the real meddler in the 2016 election, not Russia | Fox News

Complaints from NBC about election meddling? Given that company’s conduct over the past six months that is a bit rich.

Consider the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. Now, if you are living in America last fall, you certainly remember it. The shocking and vulgar remarks. The immediate and disastrous effect that tape had on the candidate Trump’s poll numbers. It was a political bomb detonated in the final days of the most intense political race of our lifetimes.
The fallout was so overwhelming that few paused to consider where that tape came from.

Tucker calls it out plain as day. The Muh Russia farce is dead and NBC’s overreach has been unhinged. Perhaps all the right thinking types in the NBC brass did not want to be blamed for letting Trump grow his brand on The Apprentice. Also there will only be one true Access Hollywood tape.



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