Tracking My Persuasion | Scott Adams’ Blog #AMjoy #saturdaymorning


If you are not familiar with Scott Adams’ master Persuader Filter, google it and read up. It is fascinating and this particular blog post illustrates the part I find most intriguing. Adams’ book puts forth what he terms, “the moist robot theory.” In essence our brains are highly susceptible to persuasion, and re programing in a sense.

One of the questions I would love to ask Adams is how he can tell when his ideas are flat out plagiarized as opposed to knowing he reprogrammed someone using the moist robot theory. Before I stumbled onto Mike Cernovich’s Twitter and later Adams’ blog, I had multiple theories about Trump, and his ability to win. None had to with persuasion, at least not directly.

I had the sense like anyone paying attention that the country was hungry for change. I knew Trump had the ability (talent stack) to fight the media, and run a very aggressive guerilla (gorilla) campaign. I have worked in a small capacity on a few local and national campaigns, and am an avid reader and political junkie. I graduated cum laude with a degree in political science as well. What fascinates me is how quickly my old model of thinking was discarded and replaced. See Adams’ quote below, then read his blog. This is wild stuff.

I designed my book to be influential. If you reread it, look for the persuasion technique throughout. The book came out in 2013. Now you can see my systems-are-better-than-goals idea all over the place. You’ve probably also seen books and articles saying passion is overrated. That comes from my book as well. At this point, after a few years, authors are less likely to remember where they first saw these ideas, or what influenced them. The trail is growing cold.


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