It’s Time to Adopt Electronic Prescriptions for Opioids : Annals of Surgery

If you are not on GAB you should be. A few weeks ago the prolific and profane John Rivers tossed of an aside about over medicating the young and middle aged for pain and under medicating the elderly. Look at the statistics below:

We are running out of ways to emphasize how dire the opioid overdose crisis has become. In 2015, United States drug overdose deaths exceeded 50,000; 30,000 involved opioids.1 There were more deaths from opioid overdose than not only from motor vehicle accidents, but also than from HIV/AIDS at the peak of the epidemic in 1995.

I k ow many addicts now. Most of them were guys that would not go near this shit if it were not in pill form and handed out like candy. How can there be no blowback on medical professionals or drug manufacturers? There is a cottage industry dedicated to stopping guns but never a word about this epidemic.


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