Jimmy Breslin


The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight is a very solid read. Breslin was one of the last of his breed. I put him in with what I call New York Celebrities. Guys like Howard Stern, DOnald Trump, Joe Franklin and the myriad of sports personalities from the Big Apple. He was a very good writer, as evidenced below by his being in the same company as Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe.

Truly great writers can act as a time machine and bring you to the exact moment and place they were writing about. Breslin was not as polished as his contemporaries, but few of them were as talented.

With typical disregard for authority, Breslin once took out a newspaper ad to “fire” the ABC television network when it aired his short-lived TV show in a lousy time slot. That same year, he captured the 1986 Pulitzer for commentary and the George Polk Award for metropolitan reporting. More than 20 years earlier, with Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe, Breslin had helped create “New Journalism” – a more literary approach to news reporting.

NYDN Obit here.


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