Tomi Lahren Goes for the Gold


Don’t blame me for Tomi Lahren’s abortion flip-flop, Glenn Beck told his talk-radio audience on Monday morning, she’s just struggling with “intellectual honesty.”

Lahren, the 24-year-old firebrand star of Beck’s TheBlaze TV, became the subject of conservative anger over the weekend after she revealed her pro-choice beliefs to The View on Friday.

Alternate headline is hot blonde takes rich doofus for a ride. Beck is a lunatic that could fuck up a ham and cheese sandwich and manages to pick the losing side of every battle since leaving Fox News.

Lahren is a good-looking blonde that just raised her national profile by playing both sides of the fence. Amy Schumer did this as well.

A marginally talented person who could not make it as an extra on a sitcom can skyrocket to the top on the thirsty Cuck filled right. Hilarity ensues, Beck’s profile falls and Lahren gets a new gig somewhere in a month.


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