The reason Hollywood’s studio leadership is in flux: The business model is changing – LA Times

This current change has been going on for at least 20 years. Here is an article from Vanity Fair from 2000. It details a book about Disney Studios late 90’s. The players are still the same. Studios got absorbed, became conglomerates. They all started revolving around the Bruckheimer/Simpson model of film making. Mirimax astroturf  indie movement around that time that produced some good films, but no one cares about movies, only profit.

What can you expect though from the organizational structure of the studios? Those who know it is about content will absorb new platforms and phase out the older outdated models. Those who don’t will continue to risk financial ruin every time a summer tent pole does not gross a billion dollars.

Three of the six major studios — Paramount, Sony and Fox — have removed or replaced their top executives in the last year. Jim Gianopulos, the longtime head of the 20th Century Fox movie studio, lost his job. Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey was pushed out. Michael Lynton resigned last month as chief executive of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Warner Bros., Walt Disney Co. and Lionsgate have also made high-level changes.

Some of the current leadership turnover reflects long-term struggles at the individual companies, especially Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, which have yet to replace their chief executives.


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