Cosby on seducing women: ‘They need chemicals’


As a 13-year-old boy, Bill Cosby secretly sprinkled what he thought was an aphrodisiac on girls’ cookies. He wrote about it in a memoir and later joked about it on The Larry King Show. And he testified in 2005 that he had obtained Quaaludes to give to seduce young women.

“They’re never in the mood for us. … They need chemicals,” Cosby told his friends, he wrote in Childhood, his 1991 book. 

How this story is now basically a local one, covered in Philadelphia media is beyond me. Cosby is no stranger on the blog. I have been keeping up with the comings and goings of the trial and can only think that there is a very weak case. By pure speculation and from the testimony of close to a hundred women, this guy has been a methodical sexual predator since the mid 60’s. The statute of limitations has run out, and a lot of the testimonials from the women are inadmissible. The only theory for why this story has fallen off the map is that the prosecuters think they cannot or will not get a conviction.–date-rape-Montgomery-County-trial.html?mobi=true


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