Robert Maheu- The Cut Out

In 1947 Maheu established his own investigative company. Maheu also worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. He was later to admit “The CIA was my first steady client, giving me `cut-out’ assignments (those jobs in which the agency could not officially be involved).” This work brought him into contact with Howard Hughes and in the late 1950s worked for him on a freelance basis. This included intimidating would be blackmailers and obtaining information on business rivals.

Courtesy of Jonathan Langdale on Twitter. I really believe that reading James Ellroy helped me grasp all the wacky shit that has happened past and present. A “cut out” is the vital role in all of these shady dealings. If you are good like Maheu or Freddie O you become legend. If you make a mistake, you die in the trunk of a car.


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