Bit by Bit Trump Methodically Undoing Obama’s Policies

From abortion to energy to climate change and personal investments, Trump is keeping his promises in methodically overturning regulations and policies adopted when Barack Obama was president.

The article gets it wrong on Obamacare. Avoiding the prospect of jamming through terrible lesgislation is not a failure. It was the best deal possible at the time.

Now the president can work with Rand Paul as a conduit to conservatives and Elijah Cummings as a conduit to Dems who do not want to get annihilated in 2018. 

This administration is not even running on all cylinders and has accomplished more than the conservative “leaders” have done in 20 years. #Winning.–Trump-Undoing%20Obama/id-c4fa9fa659394514aa645a7cfd3c31ed


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