Stockholm police make terror arrest: Injured man ‘confesses that he drove hijacked lorry into shoppers’ killing four – Mirror Online

Eyewitness Helena Reynis told Mirror Online: “I was in Zara at Drottninggatan with my friend, we are about to walk out the store and then we hear people scream and run against us into the store and then we see the truck passing us in such high speed.

“We run back into the store to the back and everyone is screaming. Everyone just got stiff but still trying to find a way out the back. Then we hear some noise again and then people start screaming again and panicking even more.

The push to justify this and normalize it never ceases to amaze me. It is Sweden’s fault for not being more welcoming! 

Surely inviting in more low IQ savages who want to kill you will fix this. You want to be culturally enriched! 

Along with the oppressive views on gays and women, you get death cult level violence. How vibrant and diverse.


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