Peggy Noonan Wins 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary – WSJ

I know the prestige has worn of the award in the era of fake news, but this award was well deserved. 

For my money no one covered the race better than Mike Cernovich or Scott Adams, but they will not get credit for a decade at least. I also thought This blog by Naval was the best piece of writing about the election I read. Too bad blogs are not recognized.

Of the “establishment people” Tucker Carlson wrote in my mind the most honest and insightful piece.  However once Peggy Noonan’s Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected was published she would win.

It is a great piece but it lacks the insight on the visceral anger of the others. The tone was “we in our ivory towers should listen to those who feel slighted.” 

We didn’t feel slighted, we were slighted. 27 fucking years in the Middle East with nothing to show for it but death and disease for our veterans. Families torn apart, a generation of soldiers sailors airmen and Marines used as pawns in proxy wars.

Stateside we fared no better. No pensions and no prospects for those left to fund the wars, the welfare state and the trillion dollar bail outs. How rich is the irony that some guy was getting debt collection calls from a bank his tax money bailed out.

We were not misunderstood or marginalized, we were under attack. Now we have protection. Now yous can’t leave.


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