When You Forget What Winning Is

“We did something big; we didn’t think it could be done,” she said. “Here’s to the future of us doing the impossible.”

Someone cried out from the crowd: “Debra! What are we going to win next?”

The above quote is from a celebratory gathering after the GOP could not repeal the ACA (Obamacare). The #resistance thinks that was a win. They have lost everything, including the plot. This hysteria should be confined to the left, but it isn’t.

The air strikes in Syria coupled with the glowing praise from the neocon ghouls has made a lot of people on the #MAGA wagon very uneasy. I have found it difficult to shift from campaign mode to MAGA mode myself. 

The news is straight propaganda and disinformation, but there are so many “white pills” being doled out under our noses.

See border crossings as well as the huge uptick in illegals being arrested. It is too early to start shitting the bed over Syria. 

That being said, I find it very disturbing that the rumors of putting a ground force in the region are flying around. Additionally, Ann Corcoran has been reporting that Syrian refugees continue to be resettled. 

I do believe there will be a deal on refugees after ISIS is defeated and contained.  I believe once the region has its chemical attacks and beheadings brought under control there will be safe zones for Syrians to stay in Syria. 

We would be sending in a MEU SOC this morning if Hillary won. We have to balance our legitimate fears of betrayal with strong counter narrative propaganda. 




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