A Doomsday Wave Isn’t Necessary to Flip the House | Decision Desk HQ


The bigger point of Silver and Freddoso’s doomsday wave is this: you don’t need that much to actually flip the house. While this scenario shows ten dozen seats flipping, Democrats need to net just twenty-five between now and next November to grab the gavel back. 

Garbage in garbage out with a lot of these polls. The bigger narrative of the midterms is which party will snap out of it first and run candidates who can win? The DNC is fighting like hell to keep establishment candidates at the top of the food chain. Bernie, sell out fraud that he is, still has some power to wield if he has the balls to back dark horse candidates.

SPOILER ALERT: He doesn’t.

The GOP is in the same mess, if they do not push candidates who toe the Trumpian lines, they will get wiped out. Wall, eradicate ISIS, jobs, no proxy wars. These are all winning issues. Will the GOP be able to get out of its own way?



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