Nobody Wants To Know—But Immigration IS Collapsing! | VDARE – premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

The “Trump Effect”—Immigration, Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers Hit The Wall

Forty-plus years in financial journalism taught me that that people aren’t really interested in economic data. They say they are, but (unless the sky is falling, as in 2008) what really grabs them is war, race, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll etc. etc. Nevertheless, data does sometimes matter and now may be one of these times—it looks like immigration, and immigrant displacement of American workers, has finally hit the wall.

Take some time to savor this. The wall is not even built and we are reaping rewards. The left is acting like a spoiled child cut off from a trust fund.

I am really worried and disheartened about the Syria situation but I trust Vox Day:

On a tangential note, I note that, as I anticipated, virtually no one has acknowledged that I correctly observed, from the very start, the way in which the Syrian cruise missile attack was primarily about China and North Korea.

Team #MAGA would do well to push the domestic white pills along with Middle East black pills.


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