Writers, take heed: a sea change is under way | madgeniusclub

The “sea change” is our ability to make a living as authors; and that, in turn, is driven by the changing nature of the market. Book sales continue to decline in traditional markets, even though supplemented by “officially unrecorded” sales of independently published books that don’t use ISBN’s or other traditional tracking measures. What’s more, traditionally strong markets such as children’s books are also suffering – see, for example, Scholastic’s poor results.

I have moved past discerning writers and writing by platform. Books, film, television or blog, I consider to be content providers. I am not delusional to put myself in the same category as a successful blogger or author. I am not naive enough to think that anyone paying for content sees an ‘artistic’ difference.

I have blogged about the upcoming television writers strike herehere and here. With the market saturated with so much content, itnmakes sense to open the  door to a stronger Writers Guild union. Or get steamrolled, see below.



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