A Wave of Apathy Begins to Ebb.


So liberalism has proliferated like black mold everywhere the right has ceded the field–which is to say everywhere but the Internet. And thank God for that last redoubt. It’s been a critical incubator for models, ideas, memes, and themes in the absence of practically every traditional institution. But the Internet will always be just an ideological supply-train; the front lines are drawn in real life. The fact that they are actually starting to be manned is an extremely heartening development. […]via A Phalanx Forming — The Kakistocracy

The harshest political reality for me, was how complicit I was letting the rot set in. Now only that I have children that I wish to see have a better life than me do I truly have skin in the game. I naively thought I could do a stint in the military, go to college and let the others fight. That I had done my duty. Horrendous and nearly fatal error on my part. There is ample time to adjust course however. Porter does his usual astute work here  A Phalanx Forming — The Kakistocracy


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