Democratic candidate for city council is LITERALLY HITLER?

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, 48, first tried for the Council seat in 2013, but even in 2012 he sent a series of emails calling Levine a “White/ Jewish candidate” and accusing him of trying “to sneak into office like a thief in the night.” By January 2013, Lopez-Pierre was emailing Brian Benjamin, a Democratic fundraiser who is black and supported Levine’s 2013 run. Lopez-Pierre wrote that Benjamin was an “uncle Tom [n-word] bitch,” for supporting Levine, adding, “[Harlem residents] know that you are a weak, little short man who sucks White/ Jewish cock.”

I admire Mr. Piere’s passion. He is right to question why so many Jewish landlords own property in black and Latino neighborhoods. He should be allowed to question Jewish privilege. I do have one suggestion for his political future.


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