White House ‘confident’ of averting shutdown as Trump shows flexibility on wall – The Washington Post

In the face of fierce Democratic opposition to funding the wall’s construction, White House officials signaled Monday that the president may be open to an agreement that includes money for border security if not specifically for a wall, with an emphasis on technology and border agents rather than a structure

We have seen this play before, float alternatives to the wall as a way to A/B test. Anyone who comes here often enough knows I try to pump out white pills as often as possible. Mainstream media blackpills enough. I do not see the border wall as negotiable. It has taken on to much of a symbolic meaning, a monument to #MAGA and the meme wars. Build the wall.

As the great Jay Fivekiller would say before his account was sent on the digital trail of tears, consider the source of the story and always trust Trump.



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