Parents of Otto Warmbier, US citizen detained in North Korea, want son to be part of negotiations | Fox News

The 22-year-old Warmbier has served just over a year of his 15-year sentence — allegedly for taking down a sign of the dead dictator Kim Jong Il while Warmbier was in the country with a tour group. And now, with the U.S. stepping up pressure – and likely sanctions – on an increasingly hostile North Korea, Warmbier’s parents hope their son is part of any negotiations, should the reclusive regime seek to come to the bargaining table.

I’ve written about this very bizzare story before but it does not seem to be grabbing headlines as I think it should. Add that to the long list of things that don’t go the way I think they should, but none the less this is a modern day Midnight Express.

There were no illicit drugs involved here, just a dumb prank. Keep your eyes on this story.

— North Korea has released an American college student who was serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for alleged anti-state acts, U.S. and North Korean officials said Tuesday. Otto Warmbier’s parents said he was in a coma and being medically evacuated.

Kid was foolish, disrespectful and dumb but I am glad he is coming home.


What a terrible end to a terrible story, RIP.


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