Samsung approved to test self-driving cars in South Korea


“We would like to clarify that the company has no plan to enter the car manufacturing business,” Samsung told Reuters in a separate statement on Tuesday, adding the vehicle will further its development of “deep learning algorithms for autonomous operations”.

Nowhere is the advent of AI at the forefront more than the transportation and food and hospitality industries. These jobs are vital to an economy and no one seems too alarmed they are going away.

Japan has begun the process of making sure drivers do not speak to customers. The Business Insider has the scoop on South Korea. In the United States the path is being cleared for driverless cars. These jobs are great part time jobs, full time careers and supplemental gigs for post retirement. They are going away folks.

The food service industry is next on the list of jobs to be replaced by AI. These are good jobs, and great ways for young people to start their professional lives or for older folks to stay busy. I understand the need for convenience and efficiency, but at what cost to the human workforce?


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